Indoor Air Quality Testing Lockport, NY

Indoor Air Quality Service Lockport, NY

At Countryside Mechanical, your safety and comfort are of utmost importance. In addition to meeting all of your heating and cooling needs, we also offer a wide variety of indoor air quality systems to maintain household comfort levels. These systems help regulate humidity levels as well as decrease dust and germs in the air.

Breathe Easy With Improved Indoor Air Quality

When improperly ventilated, the indoor air quality can affect your allergies, causing itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and headaches. Our team of experts can keep your family healthy and breathing easy with regular indoor air quality analyzations and an indoor air quality system.

Air Filtration System

Contaminants such as pollutants, debris, and dander recirculate your home five to seven times a day through the HVAC system. This recirculation causes a build-up in the ductwork over time if not adequately filtrated. A central air filtration system can help eliminate these contaminants by cleaning and filtering the air as it passes through the air ducts. Countryside Mechanical offers high-quality air filtration system installation, maintenance, and repairs. Filtration systems paired with regular air duct cleaning will keep the indoor air safer and cleaner.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Like a flip of a switch, we seem to go from hot and sticky summer days to frigid winter nights. Maintaining the proper level of relative humidity in a home discourages the growth of bacteria and mold as well as makes you less vulnerable to respiratory ailments and viruses.

Installing a whole-house combined humidification and dehumidification system helps regulate indoor moisture throughout the entire home. The system aids the HVAC system by adjusting the level of moisture to achieve maximum comfort at lower temperatures and therefore also lowering your utility bills.

Humidifiers are also beneficial to those who suffer from season allergies and asthma. Moisture helps ease the irritating symptoms such as nose bleeds and dry skin brought on by stale, dry air.

UV Light Air Purification

We all enjoy a clean home, especially during cold and flu season. An ultraviolet (UV) light air purifier can put germ-conscious homeowner's minds at ease by cleansing germs and viruses from the air. This system shines a UV light bulb into the ducts to zap bacteria and other tiny illness-causing organisms each time you turn on your heater or air conditioner. UV light systems reduce the chances of mold or fungus from growing and provide fresher and healthier indoor air. Homeowners report fewer colds and illness with the addition of this system.